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Home Tour: French Country Farmhouse Decorating Ideas To Glam Up Your Space

French Country or Farmhouse Glam are styles you don’t get to see often but, when they do cross your path, it’s a wonderful thing.

These sorts of styles are characterized by elegant features coupled with a farmhouse or country style decor.

The French Country color palette includes soft yellows, pinks and light browns from the wood on display – all very inviting and creates a comfortable atmosphere.

As well as wood (which can be painted too), wrought iron or metals that have been allowed to rust over time fit in perfectly too.

Fabrics are a common theme throughout the style, with toile the most abundant.

Larger properties work better in this style because the ornateness must be compensated with more space from a big room!

You’re going to love this Hour Tour, it’s full of French Country decorating ideas for you to test out in your own home.

It’s time to get into it…

Q&A With Chriselda

Name: Chriselda

Instagram: @home_editor_18

Has your style developed over the years or always been the same?

I would say that my style has definitely developed over the years.

My love now of a neutral pallet is something I find very easy to work with and very calming.

I come from a background of heavy jewel toned walls, florals, dark leathers, etc., and now I just can’t have it.

It stirs way too much within me! So neutrals are great with pops of soft colors seasonally. 

What’s your favorite room in the house?

My favorite room in my home is definitely my kitchen because I designed it myself from the bottom up as in 2018 we completely gutted our kitchen, master bath, & most of our home actually, so I got to really use a lot of my love of design in that.

I truly designed my dream kitchen here!

I was faced with challenges from my contractor in some of the things I wanted like mixing a huge stained island and custom vent hood with white custom cabinetry, as he thought gray (the hottest color out at the time) was best, but I stood my ground, and the end he loved it too!

It turned out so well that in July 2019 our home was featured in a local magazine here called The Bend with a full spread of beautiful photographs detailing our story, why we chose to keep our home after paying it off, etc.

We were so proud! 

What unexpected decorating challenges have you faced?

My formal living room challenges me the most because of it’s shape. It’s fine and all, but I can only set my furniture one way and with my attention span that doesn’t sit well with me.

I would rather have more options!

Oh well, it is what it is! 

What advice do you have for those still trying to find their own style?

For those out there trying to find their design style, I would advise them to follow their own tastes & hearts.

Not to copy anyone else’s because their home needs to be a true reflection of who they are.

It should be the most comfortable & comforting place in the world to you.

There should be no place like home!

If you LOVE the pieces in your home then you’ll always love being there and it will feel beautiful to you!

Make your home beautiful and you will feel beautiful being at home! 

Rooms Solutions want to save a huge thank you to Chriselda for taking the time to answer these questions.

They’re amazing and so helpful.

If you’d like to see more of Chriselda’s home, you should definitely visit her Instagram account: @home_editor_18

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