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Home Tour: An Alluring Contemporary Victorian House

Victorian-style interiors are full of character and charm.

We all have the image in our heads of Victorian Britain, don’t we?

Small children being used as chimney sweeps, soot and coal deposits layered on top of each and every surface, scandals and marvels being uncovered at break-neck speeds…

What interests most about the Victorians are the stories.

That’s what you’re trying to capture when you design your modern Victorian house or apartment interior.

Present-day comforts with a pinch of Charles Dickens.

That’s what Rachel has managed to achieve in her gorgeous home, it’s an enchanting place to be.

She runs the Instagram account: @houseof5_

Q&A with Rachel

When she isn’t attending to her home, she’s a mom of 3 – how the place remains spotless is beyond us!

We asked Rachel a few questions to see how she’s managed to create such an alluring home.

What have you found to be the hardest part of your interior decorating journey?

I’ve been interior decorating since I was 12!

But my lilac/orange/lime green childhood bedroom is no longer to my taste.

Started redecorating this house back in 2017 when the building works were finished and still have to hall, stairs and landing to do.

The hardest part is making decisions, I am terrible, and once I’ve decided I change my mind.

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Are your interior designs planned or do you let them take their natural course?

My designs are never planned, there’s always something that has to change.

Which is strange as I’m not a spontaneous person!

Or maybe I am?!  

However, I probably do have some sort of idea but I’m open to changes along the way.

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Which is your favorite room in the house? 

My favourite room… tough one.

Probably my front room, the one with the piano.

Or it could be the bathroom as that one always feels “done” and I’m never thinking “hmmm I need something here or there”.

I told you I’m terrible at decisions!

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Which store do you know you’ll buy something from if you dare go in it?

Can’t go to Homesense or Ikea without buying something!



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What advice do you have for anyone who is looking to create their own style?

Style develops over time, it isn’t something you can just buy and create instantly.

If I bought everything in one go for a room I’d be sure to hate it a few months later.

Things get moved around the house until they find their perfect home and you think “why didn’t I put that there ages ago?!”

Let it take its own course.

A huge thanks to Rachel for chatting to us and we hope you’ve enjoy reading this Home Tour by Rooms Solutions.

You can also see more of Rachel’s home on her Instagram account: @houseof5_

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